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Contains 76 Numbers of Design Programs Including Flexible, Rigid Pavements, Geometry and Traffic. Highway Economics & Rate Analysis of 498 Items of Road Works, 
Standard Specs, Tables, Charts & Tender.

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  Contact Info  Flexible Overlay Design   Earth Work
  Installation  Projected Traffic, Subgrade/Base Modulus   Sub- bases
  Limitation  Substitution of BM to DBM, BC & SDBC   Surfacing
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  USE IE 5 +  Super Pave Aggregate Gradation   Horticulture
  Sample Programs  Super Pave Dust to Binder Ratio   Foundation

  Other Useful Info :

 Direct Tension Test, Aggregate Angularity   Substructure
    Subgrade Capillary Rise, Rigid Overlay   Superstructure
  Charts  Pavement Overlay, 25/40 mm DBM   River Training
  Tables  10/13 mm SDBC, 13/19 mm BC,   Repair Works
  Specs  Marshall Correction Factor, Sieve Analysis  
 Miscellaneous Info  Finess Modulus, Concrete Mix Design   Project Overheads Calculation
  Std. Tender  QC of Concrete at Site, # of Roller  Reqd.   Escalation - Labour
   Flexible Pavement Rating, Roller Width   Escalation - Material / Fuel
      Rate Analysis of Shuttering
  Excerpts IS : 7272  Stopping & Over taking Sight Distances   Embankment Rate Analysis
  Excerpts IS : 10067  Horizontal, Transition, & Summit Curve  
  Excerpts IS : 456  Curve Widening, Setback Distance  PCU, Traffic Capacity
  Highway Economics  Grade Compensation, Valley Curve HSD  Max. Cap Flow, Parking Space
   Setting out Camber, Summit, Valley Curve  Skid Resistance
   Setting out Transition Curve  Brake Efficiency
     Vehicle Collision