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The information contained in this Software is not intended as a representation or warranty on the part of " SUPER CIVIL CD " / Y. A. Agboatwala OR any other person / organization named herein.  The Softwares given here are not a substitute for competent professional advice. Application of this information to a specific project shall be reviewed by a professional engineer. Anyone making use of the information set forth herein does so at their own risk and assumes any & all resulting liability arising therefrom.
SUPER CIVIL CD / Y. A. AGBOATWALA Warrants that CD is Free from any Defect in Normal Use and Condition. The user should check & run software immediately on arrival. Warranty of CD is 10 Days only. If the CD does not work or open on user's computer, then it will be replaced within this period free of cost with the
consent of
SUPER CIVIL CD Office OR can be downloaded from our web site.
After 10 Days of warranty period a nominal amount of Rs 400.0 will be charged (SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE). Customer should send the original CD with receipt for replacement. Without original receipt replacement will not be possible. 
Warranty of CD also expires once the Software is Installed in Users Computer Using the Password given by SCCD Office.
All SUPER CIVIL CD Softwares are having Single User License, and as such are to be installed on a Single Computer.
If a user wants to work on multiple computers then additional Licenses of software is to be purchased. The prices of our softwares are very reasonable, & are based on Single User License Per Computer. Refer the following Link for details.

All our softwares are self learning products. Softwares are Easy to Learn, Interactive, User Friendly & Simple & do not require any Guidance or Computer training. Hence we have not added any Guidance or Computer training Cost to our Price. We will not entertain any request on Training / Guidance. We have provided " Learn " Option , Actual Example & Sample Programs for Softwares wherever applicable. So far we have sold in excess of 10000 Softwares without imparting any training. 

User should preserve the Password & in case of any problem with the computer, such as Re-Installation of Window OS / Drive Formatting etc. use the same Password after running Setup.exe from our software CD. SUPER CIVIL CD office does not keep record of the Password once it is given to the user. The password is required to be entered only once, and not always when the computer starts. It is Recommended to Upgrade / Change / Repair the Motherboard / Computer before asking for User Code. 

Note that our Software License is Linked to Customers Computer Generated User Code. Any change in User Code means expiry of License. User shall purchase new License as per prevailing Rates. 

Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.
Softwares will not work from Server / LAN.
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