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Contains Rate Analysis & Specs of 1462 nos. of construction items 
CPWD / IS: 7272 - Part - 1 is used wherever Applicable. + Sectional and Total Project Cost + Automatic Tender Preparation + Programs 
for Material
Carriage by Manual and Mechanical Means

    Home Version 4 : Version 5 Section A: Preparatory Work
    Limitations Version 2 : Version 3 Section B: Earth Work
    Warranty Database File System Section C: Mortars
    Read Me   Section D: Plain Cement Concrete
    How to Order New Section E: Reinforced cement Concrete
    Contact Info Green Bldg. Items Section F: Brick Masonry Work
    Installation Heritage Bldg. Items Section G: Stone Work
    Disclaimer Manual Carriage Calc. Section H: Marble Work
    f a q Mechanical Carriage Section I: Wood Work
    Email_1 Automatic Tender Prep. Section J: Door & Window Hardware
    Email_2 Project & Sectional Cost   Section K: Structural Steel Work
CPWD DSR 2013 Free Download : Vol1 and Vol2
Section L: Flooring and Skirting
    Free Sample Programs Section M: Roofing/Terracing/Ceiling

Section N: Finishing / Plastering / Pointing
Section P: Painting and Polishing
  Section Q: Building Repairs
   Labour Laws Free PDF Creator Section R: Dismantling & Demolishing
   Prevailing Rates Export to PDF Format Section S: Miscellaneous Works
   Material rates   Section T: Road Work
   References   Section U: Horticulture & Landscaping
   Over Heads Calculation Program Section V: Sanitary Installations
   Escalation Calculation Programs Section W: Water Supply
   Excerpts from IS: 456 - 2000, IS: 7272, 
      IS: 1 0067, IS: 10421, IS: 11638
Section X: Drainage and Sewage
   Abbreviations Section Y: Pile Work
     USE IE 5 + Section Z: Water Proofing
  Section AA: Bridge Works
Rate Analysis As per SUPER CIVIL CD (63 ITEMS)