Includes Estimation of Concrete, Reinforcement, Truss, Purlins, Steel Beams & Columns,
Floor Slab, Plates, Bracing
, Piles, Pile Cap, Retaining Wall & Architectural Quantities

Software for Civil Engineers, Builders, Contractors, Architects
and Project Managers
Software is Highly Automized, Easy to Learn, Interactive &
User Friendly

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COST RS 4000 /- Input in the form of RCC, Steel , Architectural AutoCAD Drawings and Schedules.
  Super Auto Estimator in 4 Easy Steps  
  Learn Super Auto Estimator   SUPER AUTO ESTIMATOR CALCULATES  
  General Info & Limitations   From RCC + Steel Plan :
  Steps in Quantity Estimation    
  Format for RCC and Steel Schedules   At Foundation Level
  Format for Architectural Schedules 1. Excavation and Refilling Quantities.
  2. M 5 / M 7.5  Grade PCC Quantities below Footings.
TYPICAL DISPLAYS 3. Concrete and Reinforcement Quantities of Footings.
  Company Details 4. Concrete and Reinforcement Quantities of Columns in Sub Structure.
  Project Details 5. Formwork Quantities.
  Concrete Grades 6. Pile Quantity
  Select RCC + Steel Drawing 7. Pile Cap Concrete and Reinforcement Quantites
  Select Architectural Drawing 8. Retaining Wall Concrete and Reinforcement Quantites
  Add / Deduct Items 9. Raft Beam and Slab Concrete and Reinforcement Quantites for Raft Foundation
  RCC Schedules    
  Steel Schedules At Plinth / Ground Floor  Level
  Architectural Schedules 1. Rubble Packing Quantities.
  Import RCC + Steel Schedules from Excel 2. M15 Grade PCC at Grade Level.
  3. Concrete and Reinforcement Quantities of Plinth Beams.
Import RCC + Steel Schedules from
4. Concrete and Reinforcement Quantities of Columns at Plinth Level.
Import RCC Schedules from RCF /Flat Slab Softwares At Typical Floor Level
  1. Concrete and Reinforcement Quantities of Beams , Columns and Slabs.
Import RCC Schedules from Flat Raft Software 2. Steel Quantities of Beams, Columns, Floor Slabs, Plates & Bracing.
Import Steel Schedules from SSF Software 2. Staircase Quantities.
3. Formwork Quantities of Beams, Slabs, Columns, Chajja and Loft .
Import Architectural Schedules
from Excel
Also Calculates Truss and Purlin Quantities.
  Import Architectural Schedules
from AutoCAD
Basement Floors also included.
RCC Quantities From Architectural Plan :
Steel Quantities
Architectural Quantities 1. Masonry Wall / Partitions Quantities.
    2. External, Internal and Ceiling Plaster and Paint Quantities.
REPORTS 3. Flooring Quantities.
  Project Summary (RCC + Steel) 4. Door and  Window Quantities.
  Project Summary (Architectural) 5. Chajja (Cantilever) , Loft, Lintel Quantities.
  Floor Wise Quantity & Cost 6. Sanitary Quantities.
  Total Quantity & Cost 7. Miscellaneous Items Quantities.
  Cement / Sand / Aggregate Consumption 8. Dado and Skirting Quantities.
  9. Special Finishings Quantities.
  Summary of Reinforcement 10 False Ceiling Quantities.
  Structural Steel Summary 11. Water Proofing Quantities.
  Project Summary
LAYERS 1. Project Summary (RCC).
  RCC + Steel Plan 2. Project Summary (Architectural).
  Footing & Footing Text 3. Floor Wise Quantity and Cost.
  Beam & Beam Text 4. Total Project Quantity and Cost.
  Column & Column Text 5. Total Cement / Sand and Aggregate Consumption.
  Slab & Slab Text 6. Diameter- Wise and Total Summary of Reinforcements.
  Truss & Truss Text 7. Structural Steel Summary.
  Bracing & Bracing Text 8. Project Summary.
  Staircase Facility to Create your own items for Estimation.
  PCC Facility to Import Schedules from Excel and  AutoCAD. 
  Pile Facility to Import RC Schedules from Our RCF and Flat Slab Softwares.
  Pile Cap and Pile Cap Text Facility to Import Steel Schedules from Our SSF Software.
  Retaining Wall and Text Basement Floors, Raft Foundations , Piles and Pile Caps are Excluded.
    User friendly interface is provided to Add Schedules.
  Architectural Plan Facility to Add / Deduct Items Not included in AutoCAD Drawing.
  Masonry Wall / Partition Facility to Export Schedules to Excel & AutoCAD.
  External / Internal & Ceiling Plaster Facility to send Reports through Email. 
  External / Internal & Ceiling Paint Facility to Export Reports to Excel / PDF &  Word Formats.
  Flooring Facility to add Signatures & Logo while Printing, Emailing & Exporting.
  Door Text    
  Window Text    
  Opening Text    
  Dado and Skirting    
  Special Finishings    
  False Ceiling    
  Water Proofing    
  Miscellaneous Blocks    
  Miscellaneous Items    
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