* Software will be couriered after minimum of 4 to 5 working days of receipt of
   remittance in our bank account.
* Usually Cheque Clearance by Bank takes minimum 2 & Cash deposit minimum 1    working day. Confirmatory Email will be sent on receipt of remittance.
* Usually it takes 2 - 3 days by the Courier agency to deliver the software.

* Hence Allow minimum of 7 to 10 working days for software delivery after receipt of    remittance in our bank account. 
   For direct download users allow minimum of 2 to 4 days.

Users are Requested to Avail Direct Download facility. It will take only 5 to 10 
   Minutes to download a software. If our approved Courier service is not available, 
   then User is expected to download  the software directly from our web site.
   Purchaser can either ask for Direct Download of software or delivery through courier 
   service, both modes are not permissible.

* Password for starting the software will be given after 2 working days of receipt 
   of User Code from the customer. All user Codes shall be sent together.

* 1st Cop
y Password shall be obtained within 30 Days.

* All communication shall be Strictly through Email only. No Attachments Allowed.

* Remittance shall be full amount without deducting any tax at source (TDS) . 
* Note that ours is a Consulting Engineering office & not a book stall. 
   Any un-necessary Emails or Phone calls such as for Follow Up or Expediting  
   software delivery etc. will be charged at Rs 1000 per Phone Call / Email.

* Courier POD / Document details will be given on request. Purchaser shall 
   co-ordinate with the courier to ensure delivery after getting details from us.
   Customers requiring very urgent Software Delivery and 
   password  shall pay 3 times the software cost.

* Any Installation / Setup Clarifications shall be sorted out by user within 20 days.
   We will not entertain any subsequent clarifications due to any changes in user's 
   computer, unless new License is purchased. We provide setup technical support 
   only once, and not every time a User formats the PC or changes the Window system.
   Check List for Software not working is: 
* Our Minimum Consulting Fee per Phone call is Rs 5000.0 .
* In case DD or Cheque received is Rejected (Dishonored) by the Bank due to 
   Incorrect Signature or Name or any other Error, the Rejected cheque will be 
   sent to customer along with Softwares, after receiving new DD or Cheque. 
   The customer shall cancel the Rejected check at his end on intimation from 
   Us by Phone or Email Immediately. 
   Any Penalty imposed by Bank shall be borne by customer.

* If the Software sent to a customer is returned back to us due to Improper 
   Address or Person Not Found or any other reason, then Softwares will be sent 
   for the 2nd time after receiving back the Softwares from the courier and a 
   DD of Rs 250 /- from the purchaser. It is Important to give Complete Postal Address 
   including Pin code, Phone, Cell no. contact person's name and Email address
   while placing order.

 * Software Prices are fixed as given in our order form. No communications will be 
    entertained on discount or rebate etc. Whenever a software is revised or upgraded, 
    user can buy the new software as per prevailing rates without any rebate.

* We have waived the Bank Charges for one time deposit of Remittance , multiple 
    time deposits will be charged as Rs 200.0 per Bank Transaction. 
    Sending DD is economical compare to Bank Transfer.

* All our Softwares are self learning products. Softwares are Easy to Learn, 
    Interactive, User Friendly & Simple & do not require any Guidance or Computer 
    training. Hence we have not added any Guidance or Computer training Cost to our 
    Price. We will not entertain any request on Training / Guidance. We have provided " 
    Learn " Option , Actual Example & Sample Programs for Softwares wherever 
    applicable. So far we have sold in excess of 10000 Softwares without 
    imparting any training. 

* All our Software License is Linked to Customer's Computer Generated User Code. 
   Any change in User Code means expiry of License. User shall purchase 
   new License as prevailing rates.
Once the Password is given to user, it means that 
   our software is correctly installed in user's computer.

* It is deemed understood by us that Customer has accepted the above terms & 
   condition before purchasing software. Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.
* Software once sold cannot be taken back nor exchanged.
* Software Pricing is based on Single User License.

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* Disclaimer