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 (These Prices are Valid when Softwares are directly Downloaded to Customers Computer. 
For Getting Software through Courier Service in CD, add Rs 250 per CD to total Amount.)
{If BILL is required add 5 % VAT.}

1st Copy

(1st Computer)

* (If Needed)
2nd Copy
(60 % Discount)

 (2nd Computer)
3rd Copy
(70 % Discount)
 (3rd Computer)
Valuation of Stocks Rs 1500.0  Rs 2000.0 No Discount No Discount
All our Softwares are self learning products. Softwares are Easy to Learn, Interactive, User Friendly & Simple & do not require any Guidance, Clarifications or Computer training. Hence we have not added any Guidance, Clarification or Computer training Cost / Man-Hours to our Price.  We have provided " Step by Step Learn " Option for easy learning.  So far we have sold in excess of 11000 Engineering Softwares without imparting any training / clarification / guidance.
However if a user needs Help/ Coaching in order to use the Softwares effectively , then he/ she may avail for the Coaching Session. There is No Free After Sales Service.

  Online Training will be conducted using Phone and Team viewer software if required.
  On Line Coaching Terms and Conditions.
All Softwares are Priced on the basis of Single User License Per Computer.

No Discount is available on Buying more then one Copy of Software License.
Remittance shall be full amount without deducting any tax at source (TDS). 

Software Prices are 50 % higher for Purchasers outside India. Customers outside
    India to avail direct download facility.

Direct Downloading of Softwares Possible.
The above Prices are Valid when Softwares 
    are directly Downloaded to Customer's Computer. For Getting Software through Courier 
    Service in CD, add Rs 250 per CD.
Users are Requested to Avail Direct  
    Download  facility. It will take only 5 to 10 Minutes to download a software. If our 
    approved Courier  service is not available, then User is expected to download the 
    software directly from  our web site. 
If BILL is required add 5 % VAT to total amount. 
    For Direct download users, BILL will sent through Email as PDF File.

    If the user is unable to download the software due to any reason, then the user shall
    avail for courier facility by paying Rs 250/- per CD.

We do not have any local agents / distributors. Minimum time for sending software
     after receiving remittance in our account is 3 working days. Password will be sent
     after 2 working days (Minimum) of receiving User Code through Email. All User
     Codes shall be sent together. 

For Urgent Same day Download & Password, Price will be 3 Times the Normal Price.

  All communications in this regard shall be through Emails only & not Through Phone Calls.

Only one setup CD will be sent per License of Software, when Softwares are not 

Our Softwares do not work on Laptops / Desktops with Pre installed Windows 8 Basic.
    However Softwares will work on Laptops / Desktops with Windows 8 (Enterprise /Pro)

Supply Procedure / Terms & Conditions.
Enclosed At Par Cheque / Multi-City Cheque / DD. NO. __________________   For Rs ____________________
Drawn on: ________________ Bank. Dated : ___________ favoring Super Civil CD.

Order may be mailed along with this form & remittance to:
Yusuf A. Agboatwala,
1802, Jamuna Amrut, 219, Patel Estate,
S. V. Road, Jogeshwari (West), 
Mumbai 400102.
Phone: 022 - 26783525
Cell: 9820792254, 8080351926
You can direct transfer / deposit the amount at your nearest Bank by Cheque (no cash deposits)
and Email us your complete Postal Address + Phone, Cell No.

Bank Details are as follows :
ICICI Bank - Jogeshwari West FATIMA. Y. AGBOATWALA 119401503508 ICIC0001194
HDFC Bank - Jogeshwari West SUPER CIVIL CD 04552000002809 HDFC 0000455
SBI Bank - Jogeshwari West Y. A. AGBOATWALA 30275475911 SBIN0004626
BANK OF BARODA - Jogeshwari West Y. A. AGBOATWALA 32260100000284 BARB0JOGWES
IDBI BANK - Andheri West YUSUF AHMED AGBOATWALA 0619104000022172 IBKL0000619

* We do not have any agents/ Distributors.
* If User Code changes due to any reason, or Password is Lost 
   New License shall be Purchased.
* Subject to MUMBAI Jurisdiction.
* Terms and Conditions are Subject to Change without Prior Notice.
* For Outstation Cheques which are not at Par add Rs 250.0 Extra.
* Prices are subject to change without notice.
* Software once sold cannot be taken back nor exchanged.
* Please give complete address, including Pin Code, Building name, 
   Street name, Near to ?, Phone number with dial code & Cell No.
* Kindly give confirmatory Email when software is received.
* Softwares are send through M/S DTDC / Professional or Equivalent Courier.
   Usually it takes 2 - 3 days by the Courier agency to deliver the software.
* To ensure that our Emails do not go into your Spam folder, add
    to your email address book.