We have sold more than 10,000 Softwares worldwide.
There is no problem with our Softwares.
2 The problem lies with your computer's Hardware & Window configuration.
3 We suggest that you Check with your computer Engineer.
4 If you get File Access Error / Denied or Path not found (cwx) & Using Window Vista or Window 7, or 64 Bit Chip refer the following Link : 
5 Error ! 16 : Do not write Password with hand, Copy and Paste the password.
There shall not be any space before or after the password.
Password is case sensitive and is 16 characters long, else error 16 will be generated.
6 In case of Runtime Error, Run dotnetfx.exe and vbrun6.exe Softwares. 
Re-start after installation. These Softwares are included with the CD / Web Site.

In case of Printing Error Install  ReportViewer.exe & Crystal Report05_x86.msi 
These Softwares are included with the CD / Web Site.
Re-start after installation.
7 RAKAM Error means Incorrect Password for Incorrect CD / Software.
8 In case of File Dialog or System String Error Install latest SP3 for Window XP users.
9 If Error is 8/16/32 then change the Widow system from 64 bits to 32 bits.
Our Softwares will may or may not work on 64 bits Windows. 
10 MS Office shall be installed / available on the Users Computer.
For 64 bit Windows, MS Office (64 bit) 10 or above shall be installed .  
11 In case of Errors of Registration of Files, Including Jet Oledb, OCX etc. refer the following Link : 
12 Java script shall be on.
13 If the problem persists Call your computer Engineer and Format and Re-install / Upgrade Windows with latest Service Pack (SP3).
User code shall not change, else you have to buy new License.
14 Re-install our software after formatting your computer. If problem still persists change the window OS to Window 7.
User code shall not change, else you have to buy new License.
15 Some times an important window system file is deleted or does not exits on the users computer or it requires an upgrade, under such situation a user can take 
the help of form internet by just typing the error in Goggle search engine and get the solution.
16 Our Softwares works only from Window based PC and not from Server/ LAN.
17 For Windows XP, atleast (SP3) Service Pack 3 or higher version shall be 
installed on user's computer.
Once the Password is given it means our software is correctly installed in your computer & your License is activated.
If Password is forgotten or User code has changed means expiry of License. New License shall be purchased.
Check your Computers hardware & upgrade your computer's hardware as
mentioned on the 1st page of our web sites & as follows.
1. 1 GB RAM Minimum. 2 GB Optimum.

2. 80 GB Hard Disk.

3. Window XP / Vista / W 7 :  Latest Service Packs (SP3).

4. Dual Core / i3 or Higher.
Software Supply Terms & Conditions are given at following Link.