MEMBERS AS PER IS 800 : 2007

For Civil, Structural Engineers & Students

Software is Easy to Learn, Interactive, Simple
& Requires No Computer Training

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   Learn STEEL_2007 in 6 Simple Steps Included with the Software.
   Learn   A total of 34 Programs are available with the software, including :


 End / Gusset Plate Under Compression or Tension.
  MB / MC Sections   Angles Under Compression or Tension.
  Angle in Compression   Angles : Flange In Bending Compression / Bending Tension & Purlins.
  Plate Girder   Design of Single ISMC / ISMB Beam / Column Section.
  Gantry Girder   2 ISMC Toe to Toe & back to Back Sections.
  2 MC toe / toe   Design of 2 ISMB Sections Side by Side.
  Rect. Hollow Sec   Design of Gantry Girder.
  Equal Flange Section   Built-up (MB + Flange Plates) Section.
  Moment Connection   Box Angle Girder / Column.
    Design of Plate Girder.
    Design of Base Plate, Chequered Plate.
    Effective length of Column. Braced and Un_Braced Frames.
    Tubular {Circular}, Square Hollow & Rectangular Hollow Sections.
    General Design : Equal Flange Section.
    General Design : Moment / Shear Connection between Column & Beam.
    General Design : Shear Connection between Beam & Beam.
    Ordinary Bolt & High Strength friction Grip Bolt {HSFG} Bolt Capacity.
    Long Joint/Grip Shear Reduction. Prying Force. Lateral Restrain Lm.
    Pin Design. Vibration Frequency. Plastic Analysis of Simple Beams
    Variation of Yield Stress & Modulus with Temperature.


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