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Cost Rs 1500/-   Contains 132 Programs including Concrete Cube Strength Control, Material Field and Laboratory Test, Work Inspection Reports, Concrete & Steel Tolerances and Checklists
Learn Includes Program for Concrete Cube Strength Control at Site

Field Test for Materials Include :
Cube Strength Control Bricks
Field Test Menu Sand
Laboratory Test Menu Binding Wire
Works Menu Aggregate
Checklist Menu Murum
Concrete Checklist
Sub Menu
Flush Door
Concrete Blocks
Safety Checklist
Sub Menu
Wooden Door Frame
M.S Window
Checklist Sub Menu
Glass Fixing
M.S Rolling Shutter
Msc Menu Aluminium Window
  Tolerance Menu Plumbing G.I Pipes and Fittings
  Structural Steel
Sections Sub Menu
Mosiac Tiles
  Ceramic / Glazed Tiles
  Erection Of Steel
Etructures Sub Menu
Granite / Marble / Tandoor/ Stone Slabs
  Wooden Flush Door (Solid Core)
    Wooden Flush Door (Cellular and Hollow Core)
    Timber Panelled and Glazed Shutters
    Corrugated Bitumen Roofing Sheets
  Chequered Cement Concrete Tiles
    Bitumen Felts For Water Proofing and Damp Proofing
    Laboratory Test for Materials Include :
  Glazed Tiles
  Coarse Aggregates
  Solid Load Bearing Blocks
    Marble Mosiac Tiles
    Wooden Flush Door (Solid Core)
    Wooden Flush Door (Cellular and Hollow Core)
    Corrugated Bitumen Roofing Sheets
    Bitumen Mastic for Flooring
    Chequered Cement Concrete Tiles
    Bitumen Mastic for Water Proofing
    Bitumen Felts For Water Proofing and Damp Proofing
    Charecteristics of Building Stones
    Work Inspection Reports Include :
    Pile Test Results
    Concrete Placement Record
    Concrete Test Results
    Foundation Settlement Report
    Inspection Of Finished Concrete Works
    Inspection Of Gates
    Inspection Of Water Tanks
    Inspection Of Pavements
    Inspection Of Concrete Hollow Block Masonry
    Checklist Include :
    Plinth Work
      1. Column Concreting above Plinth       6. Column Shuttering
      2. Checking of Column before Concreting  7. Checking Of Columns while Concreting
      3. Checking Of Columns after Concreting 8. Beam /Slab Shuttering
      4. Beam Reinforcement 9. Slab Reinforcement
      5. Checklist after Concreting     10. Checklist before Casting Slab
    Block Production
    Brick / Block Masonry
    Door Frame
    External Plaster
    Internal Plaster ( Before Plastering)
    Internal Plaster ( Before Plastering)
    Plumbing Work
    Tiling Work
    Aluminium Windows Fixing Work
    Electrical Work
    Elevator Works
    Fire Fighting Work
    Bituminious Work
    Checklist for Bunglow / Flat
    Checklist for Shop
    Building Repair
    Construction Safety
      1. Electrical 10. Hand, Power and Power Actuated tools
      2. Fall Protection 11. Laddders and Stairs
      3. Floor and Wall Openings 12. Trench Excavation and Shoring
      4. Cranes 13. Personal Protective Equipment
      5. Job Information / Administrative 14. Housekeeping
      6. Fire Prevention 15. Welding and Burning
      7. Concrete and Masonry Construction 16. Steel Erection
      8. Demolition 17. Blasting
      9. Power Transmission & Distribution 18. Miscellaneous
      1. Initial Scrunity Of Drawings and Schedules
      2. Delivery
      3. Storage
      4. Bending
      5. Pre Concreting
    Msc Items Include :
    Concrete Sampling Frequency
    Concrete Exposed to Sulphate Attack
    Concrete Exposure Conditions
    Chloride Content of Concrete
    Period before Striking Formwork
    Tolerance Requirements for Mass of Concrete
    High Strength Deformed Bars
    Check for Geniune TMT Bars
    Soil Texture
    Soil Properties
    Sieve Analysis
    Tolerances Include :
    Structural Steel Sections
      1. Beams & Columns 6. Flats
      2.Channels 7. Plates
      3. Angles 8. Strips
      4. Tee 9. Sheets
      5. Bars 10. Hot Rolled Parallel Flange Beam & Column Section
    Erection Of Steel Structures
      1. Columns  
      2. Truss  
      3. Cranes  
    Hot Rolled Track Shoe Section TS -L1
    Hot Rolled Track Shoe Section TS -H1
    Hot Rolled Steel Plates for Ships Hull Structure
    Concrete Admixtures
    Permissible Limits for Solids
    Quality Tolerances for Water for Ice Manufacture
    Quality Tolerances for Water
    ISO : INFO
      Info on ISO 9001, FAQ's on ISO 9000, Quality Management Systems as per ISO 9001, Structural Audit and Steps for quality Control
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