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COST RS 2000 /-     INCLUDES :
  Sample Programs + Demo + Learn     Canal Design and Generation of Schedule
of Area Statistics
  Canal Design     Canal Earthwork Estimation
Includes Import from AutoCAD / Excel and Generation of
Longitudnal (L) and Cross (X) Sections in AutoCAD
  Canal Earthwork Estimation    
  S Hydrograph      
  L Section in AutoCAD     Generates Storm (S) Hydrograph.
  X Section in AutoCAD      
  Time Required for Irrigation     Slope Stability Analysis - Bishops Method
  Duty and Delta     Slope Stability Analysis - Hocks Method
  Required Discharge at Canal Head     Channel Flow (1)
  Average Rainfall Over Basin     Channel Flow (2)
  Average Infiltration Index     Channel Flow (3)
  Flood Recurrence Interval     Weir Flow
  Canal Earthwork Balancing Depth     Concentration Time
  Open Well Design     Talbot's Formula
  Tube Well Design     Mannings Formula
  Coeffecient Of Permeability for Tube Well     Kutters Formula
  Canal Size - Laceys Theory     Head Loss in Pipes
  Canal Size - Kennedys Theory     Discharge from Tank
  Usefull Life of Reserviour     Equivalent Pipe Dia

Drain Spacing

    Pipe Flow
  Optimum Number of Rain Gauges     Sewer Connection Line Size
  Consumptive Use     Drip Line Rate
  Guide Bank Design     Lateral Sprinkler Friction Loss
  Benefit Cost Ratio of Hydro Power Project     Nozzle Requirement
  Storage Capacity + Depth Of Irrigation + Irrigation Frequency     Load Factor + Plant Use Factor + Capacity Factor of Hydro Power Project
  Economic Viability of Canal Lining     Annual Rainfall Calculation
  Discharge Over Ogee Weir     Field Area Calculation
  Convert Units     Water Depth
  Water Hammer     Sprinkler Application Rate
  Crop Water Supply     Irrigation Frequency
  Required Irrigatable Area     Net Available Suction Head
  Irrigation Run Time     Pipe Pressure Rating
  Fitting Pressure Loss     Pipe Water Velocity
  Pipe Line Pressure Loss     Pressure Loss at Outlets
  Required Flow Rate     Required Field System Capacity
  Pump Horse Power      
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