Software for  Engineering Departments (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, 
Piping, Chemical, Civil etc), Consultants, Builders, Contractors, 
and Project Managers.

Software is Easy to Learn, Interactive & Requires No Computer Training.

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Records Department Wise Drawing Schedule and Manhours.
  Records Daily Designing and Drawing Manhours Consumed per Drawing.
  Demo and Learn    
  No Restriction on No of Revisions per Drawing.
  Records Drawing Revision Descriptions & Drawing Remarks.
  Company Info    
  Project Info Reporting includes :
  Drawing Schedule 1. Department Cost / Progress / Profit :
  Drawing Manhours Drawing Cost
  Daily Drawing Progress Monthly Drawing Progress
  Drawing Revisions / Remarks Drawing Status.
  Reports Current Revision.
    Monthwise Profit ( In Graphical & Tabular Format)
REPORTS Department Progress ( In Graphical & Tabular Format)
  Department Cost / Progress / Profit 2. Project Progress / Profit :
  Drawing Cost Monthwise Profit ( In Graphical & Tabular Format)
  Monthly Drawing Progress Project Progress
  Drawing Status    
  Current Revision No restriction on number of Entries.
  Monthwise Profit (Graphical)    
  Monthwise Profit (Tabular) Facility to send Reports through Email.
  Department Progress (Graphical)        
  Department Progress (Tabular) Facility to Export to Excel / PDF &  Word Formats.
  Project Progress / Profit Facility to add Signatures and Logo while Printing and Emailing / Exporting.
  Monthwise Profit (Graphical)        
  Monthwise Profit (Tabular)    
  Project Progress (Graphical)    
  Project Progress (Tabular)    
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