Software for Civil Engineers, Builders, Contractors, Architects
and Project Managers.
Software is Easy to Learn, Interactive & Requires No Computer Training.
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Software is based on Item Cost allotted as % of Project Cost.
Further each floors Cost is arrived at by Cumulative Addition
of Item Wise % Cost.
  Demo and Learn Reporting includes Displaying / Printing & Exporting of Percentage Work
TYPICAL DISPLAYS   Completed, Item Wise & Floor Wise as the Project Proceeds.
  Company Info    
  Project Details Generates First, RA and Final Bill of Construction Items.
  Cost Percentage    
  Floor Wise Cost % Facility to add Materials supplies by Client, Mobilization advance,
  First Bill   Retention Amount and Taxes
  RA Bill    
  Final Bill Summary of Net Amount paid to Contractor, Mobilization advance,
  View Bill   Retention Amount, taxes etc are displayed in the Final Bill
PRINT PREVIEW Printing Options include Export to PDF, Word, Excel & RTF
  Project Details    
  Cost Percentage Facility to add Signatures and Logo while Printing and Exporting
  Floor Wise Cost %    
  Material Deduction View / Search Options available for Bill No. & Date
  First Bill    
  RA / Final Bill Add / Delete / Edit / Display Options available for Items
  Reports No restriction on number of Entries per Bill
    Extensive Help available through Read Me & Learn
    Extra fields available for Addition / Deduction to Bill Amount
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