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and Project Managers.
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Records Daily Activity, Material, Labour, Equipment, Sub Contractor,
Overheads Consumption & Miscellaneous Expenses.
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Records Monthly Water, Electricity Consumed & Taxes Paid
  Monthwise Activity Completion Includes Machinery & Instrument Report, Watchman's Record,
  Monthwise Material Consumed   Indent, Pending Indent, Excess Material List, Inspection Report,
  Monthwise Labour Consumed   Work Hindrance Report, Rejected Material & Works.
  Monthwise Eqp. Consumed    
  Monthwise Sub Con. Consumed Reporting includes :
  Monthwise Overheads Month wise Material, Labour, Equipment Consumed.
  Total Material Consumed Month wise Overheads.
  Total Labour Consumed Month wise Activity & Project Completion.
  Total Equipment Consumed Total Material, Labour, Equipments, Sub Contractor & Overheads
  Total Sub Contractor Consumed   Consumed during the course of the Project
  Total Overhead Consumed Material & Labour Reconciliation.
  Monthwise Project Completion Month wise & Cumulative Profit & Loss.
  Monthwise Activity Completion Proposed, Estimated & Actual Project Progress. 
  Monthly Progress Comparison    
  Project Progress Report Includes ABC Analysis, Economic Order Quantity, Calculation of BEP,
  Reconcilation Report   Roof Costing, Equipment Owning Cost, Calculation of Excavation Qty,
  Profit/ Loss Account   Deductions from Brick & Stone Qty, Formwork Quantities,
  Cumulative Profit / Loss   Bar Bending Schedule, Design of Eaves/ Valley Gutter & Extractor.
  Monthly Costs    
  Overheads Includes Method Of Measurement as per IS 1200.
  Overheads Comparison    
    No restriction on number of Entries.
  Daily Activity Completion Facility to send Reports through Email. Export to Excel / PDF &  Word Formats.
  Daily Material Consumption        
  Daily Labour Consumption Facility to add Signatures and Logo while Printing and Emailing / Exporting.
  Daily Eqp. Consumption    
  Daily Sub Con. Consumption Facility to Import Quantities/ Coefficients from Our Qty Software.
  Daily Misc. Expenses        
  Water Consumption        
  Electricity Consumption    
  Penalty / Other Expenses    
  Instrument Report    
  Watchman's Record    
  Indent & Pending Indent    
  Excess Material List    
  Inspection Report    
  Work Hindrance    
  Rejected Material & Works    
  ABC Analysis    
  Economic Order Qty    
  Break Even Point    
  Method of Measurement    
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